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Motus - a word that evokes movement, passion, and the thrill of the unconventional. At Motus Weddings, we're more than just a videography and photography company. We're storytellers, adventurers, and dreamers, committed to capturing the essence of your unique love story.

In the heart of every couple lies a vibrant tale waiting to be told. We specialize in bringing these tales to life, focusing not just on the event, but on the emotion, the adventure, and the unscripted moments that make your wedding uniquely yours.

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The Motus Experience

You can have your adventure wedding of your dreams and still have it captured

Capturing Moments, Not Just Memories

Your wedding is more than an event - it's the start of a grand adventure. That's why we believe in capturing it in a way that reflects the breadth and depth of your journey together. With Motus Weddings, expect a cinematic portrayal of your love story, set against the backdrop of nature's most breathtaking landscapes.

Our approach is unobtrusive yet intimate, ensuring that each moment is caught in its most natural and spontaneous form. We shy away from over-posing, instead offering subtle guidance to let your genuine emotions shine through.

Your Dream, Our Canvas

Are you dreaming of a wedding that breaks free from the ordinary? We're here to turn those dreams into reality. We seek couples who share our love for the great outdoors, those who yearn for a cinematic narrative that transcends traditional wedding videography and photography.

Let's embark on this remarkable journey together. If you're ready to capture your adventure wedding with a touch of the extraordinary, we're eager to hear from you.

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At Motus Weddings, we believe in a connection that goes beyond the lens. We're not just capturing your wedding; we're celebrating your journey. If you resonate with the spirit of adventure, the beauty of the natural world, and a desire for a wedding media experience that stands apart, we might be the perfect match.

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Learn more about how we
can bring your wedding
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Learn more about how we can bring your wedding vision to life, in a way that's as unique as your story.