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5 First Steps on Planning Your Mountain Wedding

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If you've always dreamt of saying "I do" with a breathtaking mountain backdrop, a mountain wedding in Colorado might be the perfect choice for you. The majestic Rocky Mountains offer a stunning and serene setting for your special day. To help you get started, here are five essential steps for planning your mountain wedding.

Selecting the Perfect Mountain Venue

Choosing the Ideal Mountain Location

The first and most crucial step in planning a mountain wedding is selecting the perfect venue. Colorado boasts a plethora of stunning mountain locations that will leave you and your guests in awe. Do you envision an intimate ceremony overlooking a serene alpine lake, or a grand celebration at a mountaintop resort? Consider factors like accessibility, guest accommodations, and the overall vibe of the location. The beauty of Colorado's mountains ensures a backdrop that will make your wedding unforgettable.

Climate and Season Considerations

Colorado's mountain weather can be unpredictable, so it's vital to consider the climate when choosing your wedding date. Each season offers unique charms, from the lush greenery of summer to the snowy wonderland of winter. Keep in mind that high-altitude venues may have restrictions during certain months. A clear understanding of the weather conditions will help you prepare and make the most of your mountain wedding.

Budgeting for Mountain Weddings

Mountain weddings often come with additional costs, such as transportation and accommodations. These factors can impact your overall budget. Determine your financial plan early in the planning process to ensure you can afford your dream mountain wedding without any unexpected surprises.

Finding the Right Vendors

Hiring Experienced Mountain Wedding Professionals

A successful mountain wedding requires vendors who are experienced in handling the unique challenges of high-altitude ceremonies. When it comes to choosing a photographer, videographer, caterer, and florist, look for professionals who understand the intricacies of mountain weddings. Your big day will be in good hands with those who are familiar with the area, its weather patterns, and the logistical challenges of mountain weddings.

Considering Local Cuisine and Flowers

Mountain weddings often celebrate the local flavor, and Colorado offers a bounty of delicious options. Consider incorporating locally sourced foods and drinks into your wedding menu. Similarly, explore the native flora and fauna for your floral arrangements. This not only supports local businesses but also adds an authentic touch to your mountain wedding.

Accommodating Your Guests

Remember that your wedding guests will be traveling to a mountain location, which may require special accommodations. It's essential to make their journey as smooth as possible. Provide information on nearby lodging options, transportation, and any activities they can enjoy in the area before or after the wedding. Ensuring your guests' comfort will contribute to a memorable and stress-free celebration.

Embracing the Mountain Theme

Incorporating the Mountain Aesthetic

A mountain wedding offers a unique opportunity to embrace a natural, rustic, and adventurous theme. Decorate your venue with elements inspired by the mountains, such as wooden accents, evergreen foliage, and wildflower bouquets. The natural beauty of the surroundings can serve as a perfect backdrop, reducing the need for excessive decorations.

Mountain-Inspired Attire

Consider incorporating mountain-inspired elements into your attire as well. Think about wedding attire that suits the mountain setting, such as rustic lace gowns, cozy shawls, or even hiking boots for the adventurous couple. Your attire should be not only stylish but also functional for the mountain environment.

Mountain Ceremony Rituals

Create meaningful mountain-inspired rituals that reflect your love for each other and your surroundings. For example, a tree-planting ceremony symbolizes growth and unity, while a mountaintop exchange of vows can be a breathtaking and intimate experience. Incorporate elements that are significant to you and your partner, making your mountain wedding truly unique.

Planning for All Seasons

Summer Mountain Weddings

Summer mountain weddings in Colorado are popular for their lush greenery and warm weather. However, keep in mind that summer can also bring unpredictable afternoon thunderstorms. Plan your ceremony and reception times accordingly, and consider providing shade for your guests to ensure their comfort.

Fall Mountain Weddings

The fall season in the Colorado mountains is a feast for the eyes with vibrant foliage. Plan your wedding to coincide with the peak of fall colors for stunning photo opportunities. Keep your guests warm with cozy blankets and hot beverages, especially for outdoor celebrations.

Winter Mountain Weddings

Winter weddings in the mountains offer a magical setting with snow-covered peaks. Ensure that your guests are adequately prepared for the cold by providing heated options, such as warm beverages and cozy seating. Winter weddings can be exceptionally romantic, but logistics are essential for a successful event.


Planning a mountain wedding in Colorado can be a breathtaking and memorable experience. From selecting the perfect venue to embracing the mountain theme, these five steps will help you get started on your journey. If you are looking for a mountain weeding, then reachout to Motus Weddings. We understand the uniqueness of mountain weddings and are here to capture your special day. Our experienced team is ready to provide you with stunning videography and photography services to ensure your day is captured with beauty and grace.

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